Colombo Stock Exchange
Swipe to join the 1%

The Colombo Stock Exchange closed down for 51 days during the height of COVID-19. To avoid a market collapse, the CSE had to speak to a segment of potential investors whom they had rarely interacted with before: the youth. They had already launched a mobile app that made investing hassle free. They now had to get people on to the app.

Young adults were distant from the concept of stock trading. They thought it was reserved for old-school businessmen in suits.

Our integrated campaign “Swipe to join the 1%” created a sense of exclusivity around stock trading, driving swathes of status-seeking young adults to open accounts with the CSE and trade.

  • 65,000 app installs at a CPI of ~$0.30
  • LKR 7 Billion net turnover directly attributable to new investors under the age 30