comfort world intl.

Comfort World to sleep is what a bespoke suit is to doing anything in a bespoke suit; it fits your body perfectly. While people knew the benefit of wearing a bespoke suit, they couldn’t quite connect the dots when it came to buying a mattress that uses science to distribute their body weight evenly while they were asleep. Naturally, they were reluctant to pay the premium that a mattress of that sort demands.

Most people felt all the side effects of sleeping in a generic mattress: aches, pains, grumpiness, tiredness, sleepiness etc. However, they couldn’t connect them back to their actual cause. Because of this, they blamed how they felt on innocent bystanders.

#BlameItOnTheMattress was an integrated campaign that showed people where to point their finger when they were feeling all the side effects of sleeping in a generic mattress.

  • 250% increase in walk-ins during the campaign period (compared to average monthly visits over the past 12 months)
  • 60%+ sales uplift during campaign period