AI and Robotics led video analytics
for intelligent manufacturing.

Meet industry 4.0, faster. Hypervise offers scalable, versatile, AI-driven action and facial recognition solutions to the modern manufacturing business. ​

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Hypervise your existing CCTV camera set up with advance video analytics capabilities. Ensure maximum efficiency and adherence to safety standards. Detect and respond to potential threats and lapses in real time.​


Automated Quality Control and Inspection Our AI-based inspection solutions streamline your manufacturing processes, reduce human error, and improve product quality, driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your operations.

Action Recognition:

Real-time Monitoring of Assembly Line Procedures Ensure optimal assembly line performance with our cutting-edge action recognition technology. Monitor in real time whether your staff follow predetermined procedures, ensuring compliance and boosting efficiency.

Supervision is no longer enough. As your business moves towards industry 4.0, so should your supervision and quality assurance procedures. ​

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Save time, money, and complications with our in-house expertise
Start small and scale up as you see the benefits
Customizable solutions for unique client requirements
Seamless integration with your existing systems
Enhanced security and regulatory compliance

How it works

Step 1:
Consultation and needs assessment
Step 2:
Customized solution development
Step 3:
System integration and deployment
Step 4:
Training and support
Step 5:
Continuous improvement and optimization
Hypervise has transformed our manufacturing facility with their integrated AI solutions. Their attention to detail and ability to meet our specific needs sets them apart.
- John Doe, CEO of XYZ Manufacturing
We've seen a significant improvement in our quality control and workforce efficiency since implementing Hypervise's AI technology. Their in-house expertise and commitment to our success are unmatched.
Jane Smith, COO of ABC Industries

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